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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tonight's Idol

American Idol
So, I was wrong. I am LOVING tonight's performances so far!

David A just sang and first I had goose bumps, then I cried. He is amazing and he did an incredible thing with that song! WOW~

I felt so sorry for poor Brooke. That happened to me once on stage and it was horrifying. I "cheesed it up" and it was a funny song, so it went over pretty well, but that part of Evita can not be cheesed up. Poor Brooke.

Jason bit the dust (yuck, yuck, yuck on his song)

Syesha was amazing, and Valerie likes her hair today. The funny thing is, I suspect she is going to have a little sister or brother with Syesha hair, that shall be fun for her. I can tease her about it later...

More later, I just was so full of... something tender... I had to post about David Archuleta. What a sweetie.


didn't like Carly- if that is what that musical is like, I am not interested. It kept sounding like a curse to me, but I am very sensitive to the use of the ole "J C."

David Cook- well, that is a different sound. I would love it as part of a Phantom performance, it was perfectly executed- especially that ending(!!) but as an American Idol performance... so strange considering what he has done with other songs and what David did with a Phantom song making it "his own"... he is still awesome though. The practice with Lord Webber was fairly entertaining!

For sure, it will be Brooke or Jason going tomorrow... probably Brooke.


notthecroshaws said...

haven't watched it yet, love reading all the comments on david cook. wish there was a michael johns digital album. i'll comment tomorrow after i listen. will listen to david cook's stuff too.

Jason & Dana said...

I loved last night too Crystal!! I loved everyone's but Brooke and Jason also. I hope it's Jason, but it will probably be Brooke. She really hasn't done very well the past couple weeks.
Syesha was INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely the right thing for her. I bet she'd do so well on Broadway, like Paula said. Or was it Randy? Anyway...she was so good and I loved her hair too! Ha, that's funny.
David A's song was incredible, totally agree. He's so great. It made me wonder if he's at the top of the votes every single week.
I loved David Cook's! I've never realized how incredible his voice is until he sang that.
I had to fast forward through Jason's, I just couldn't even stand to listen to it!
Carly was good, but it wasn't my favorite week for her.

Leslie said...

Ditto to all of your comments. I watched the youtube versions this morning. I thought the week overall was pretty cool. I was afraid it might be lame since it was ALW, but it was actually amazing!

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

Ditto on the comments. I loved David Cooks performance, it shows what a truly good singer he is. I think, also, that Brooke and Jason will be in the bottom 3. I hope Jason goes, but I think it will be Brooke. There are too many adolescent girls in love with Jason!!

abbynormal said...

Jason keeps doing better and Brooke keeps doing worse...and now they're about even. Time for them to go.

Good move on switching Carly's song, bro Webber. I thought she sounded awesome. Yay for that powerful voice.

Syesha took over like she was born for Broadway. If she got kicked off this week (which she won't), that would be okay because she got a chance to be seen in her element where she can shine. She'll be taken care of now in her "happy place." :o)

David A's voice is just so clear. I usually agree with Simon, but I didn't think it was as weak and forgettable as he said. It was a little different for David A, a stretch. I liked. And you all already know I love the voice and diversity of my man David C. He showed some serious musical maturity this time around.

Jason & Dana said...

WOW! Shocker tonight huh?? Right before Ryan said who was in the bottom two between Carly and Jason there were girls in the audience that yelled "I LOVE YOU JASON!" And I said, "And that's why he won't be in the bottom two." Yikes!
I'm sad Carly left when there were two that should have gone before her, but she was never going to win it all...and she seemed happy.

Crystal said...

Those results were ludicrous!! She is by far, the best female singer on the show. It just floored me that she and Syesha were in the bottom two!

I was like OjO when she sang, grabbed the mic from Ryan and was like " and I (underlined/bold/italics) remembered all my words"

Jason & Dana said...

Wow! She said that?!!! I totally did not hear that.

Crystal said...

She did- you should watch it again. Matt didn't catch it either, but I was like... Oh. My.

Jason & Dana said...

As much as I thought Brooke should go before Carly, it's not her fault America voted for her more than Carly!

Leslie said...

yes. yes. yes...and i'm shocked that jason wasn't in the bottom 2 either. his performance was REALLY bad!! looks like it's just a popularity contest now, but hopefully at least one of the 2 davids will actually win the contest so that it really is one of the most talented contestants.

Crystal said...

I know, I am not mad at Brooke or Jason, but for sure, i think Carly is absolutely the most talented of all the girls. We will hear from her on the charts, never will we hear from Brooke on the charts.