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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol top 7

As an ode to Michael Johns, here was my favorite of all of his performance...this was when he became my favorite.

He is such an incredible singer! I still can't believe he really got kicked off.
And here he was on Regis and Kelly, I remembered how much I liked him.

Oh well.........on to the next week.
(I can't wait until he makes an album and I can buy it!)


Crystal said...

If he would sang that on the actual competition, he would not have been voted off, that is for sure, I think so many people did not start watching until the top 24 or so. He does have an amazing voice, and although I was not a fan of his "Dream On" (I just listen to iTunes clips Wednesdays now, I am generally asleep by 7-8 most nights), I did not think it was horrendous. I just TiVoed to the results last week and I was surprised! I was sure it was going to be AttitudESHA... BTW, I thought Kristy Lee was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING last week. The Martina song was flawless and so well-performed. People listen to simon too much is what I think. I wonder if he just tears someone down to see them in the bottom three ever...

Anyway. My thoughts.

I read David Cook's brother will be there this week for his brother despite having brain and spinal cancer. So sad.

Jason & Dana said...

Tonight was incredible!! I thought almost everyone did pretty if not really well. My two favorites were the Davids.
When Mariah said the thing to David A about using his falseto I thought "Ohhhh no." But it was actually really good! And in the middle of David Cook's song I was thinking "This is either really weird or amazing." And I decided at the end when the back up singers were singing the chorus and he went off on his own that it was amazing. Too bad we didn't get to hear Michael. (Last time I mention him, I promise.)
I think Kristy or Syesha will go, but I didn't really like Jason but I doubt he will get kicked off for a few more weeks.

Crystal said...

Well, here it is my normal 4 am and I can't sleep. I think the bottom three will me Carlie (who I personally love, but Simon is so hard on her!), Kristy Lee (though I thought again, she did a good job, not goose-bump raising, but it was fine), and Brooke (I personally thought it was awful, awful, awful! She was flat for most of the song and all those Yea-a-a-ahhs... yuck.

Here is the deal. She is absolutely one-dimensional. Every song has to be changed to fit this for her, and for this song, it really did not work.

David Archuleta is similar in that he has a very particular style (which I love as compared to Brooke) but I think David will sell tons and tons of albums like "Brian McWhite" AKA- Eliot Yamin- his songs are FANTASTIC and I think David is a lot like him.

I was actually not a fan of "Always be my Baby" in the Emo/alternative style, it was very weird to hear those words in that Pearl Jam voice, but I must be strange because so many others liked it.

Not a huge fan of David Castro's song tonight either, but he is so gorgeous! I was noticing last night that his face is perfect! I bet girls LOVE him and he is so shy/awkward that it is in endearing.

Anyway my rambling. Wish I could sleep.

abbynormal said...

I do miss Michael. But if he won, they would have had to change the name to International Idol, or Australian Idol, or Non-American Idol.

To Syesha's credit, she keeps picking really technically difficult songs. It's like someone who does a technically perfect belly-flop versus someone who might not have perfectly pointed toes on a swan dive. Not that such things as technicality are necessarily rewarded on shows like this, but I'm just saying.

David Cook gets a gold star for having songwriting skills and the most diverse range of songs. He's the only one who has really "made songs his own," as they keep saying. He turned Mariah Carey emo...and it actually worked. No one has gone outside of the box as much as him. Everyone has really amazing voices, but he's got the most musical talent. It's totally going to come down to the two Davids and I doubt he'll win but I wish he would.

I love how Simon made fun of Randy's analogy of being at a luau during Jason's song, when Simon makes up similar things all the time.

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

David Cook all the way!!! I love him, he is my favorite for sure. I didn't think any of the girls did very well last night. Mariah Carey really does have an amazing voice and she seemed really nice, but hello big, huge, fake boobs!! (This is a family show for crying out loud :) I felt bad for David A. because he was right at boob level!! David A does have an amazing voice and I think it will come down to the Davids. David A is more the "American Idol" type so I think it would serve David C well to not win as far as his long term career goes. Kristi is definitely growing on me. I think she gets better every week, which is really what the show is all about. I agree about the Martina song, she was really good. I think the bottom 3 will consist of 3 girls, it could be any of them!

Crystal said...

HAH!! You made me laugh!

Just in defense of huge boobs, sometimes there really is not much you can do- like my wedding dress, but anyway... I could have worn a shirt under my dress or walked around with my arms crossed, but... yeah. They are much fun indeed. Why anyone would CHOOSE them and a dress that is CLEARLY boobacious (then again, have her heard her new single "touch my body?" It is like x-rated) is beyond me though. I am all about being flat in the celestial kingdom.

Jason & Dana said...

Crystal you reminded me about Brooke. I really really didn't like her song this week. It was just too weird. I remember listening to Hero over and over and over when I was younger, so it didn't work for me. But I also remember listening to Always Be My Baby, but I still loved his version.
I forgot to say I thought Syesha did really good, but it might have just been that I really liked that song.
And I thought this was one of my favorite Kristy weeks. It wasn't her best, but I liked it more than usual. I usually don't like her even when it's her best week.

Have you guys noticed (I might just be talking to Becky, because I don't know if anyone has watched before this season) that when someone sings a song you just LOVE (Lakisha's Jennifer Hudson song from last year) that you like them no matter what, even when they screw up?

Jason & Dana said...

She's loving her new skinny body. I almost never watch Oprah, but I watched yesterday and she just lost a bunch of weight and is back to her 10th grade size. (She seemed very confident, which why shouldn't she I guess?) She wants to show off her stuff! Hahaha

notthecroshaws said...

ok, i really like it, but i really like carly, think she has such an amazing voice, not my favorite week for her, but i would love to buy one of her albums and one of michael johns. would never buy anything by syesha, or jason castro. i can't stand to watch his face when he sings, but i did love over the rainbow. good choice. david a is adorable, and david cook is so so incredibly talented. kiristi lee did well. she is kind of like jordin in that she has gotten better and better. brooke could go this week. i agree it will prob be down to the two davids. please don't let jason castro be one of the last two. very interested to see what happens tonight.

Leslie said...

ok, i just watched all of them on you tube, because we're a week delayed here and you all spiked my curiosity.

david a. is still very cute and has an amazing voice, but i think david cook fits the title of "american idol" more. i REALLY liked his interpretation of mariah carey's song, and he is super talented. (but then again...i was a teen of the early 90s and was a pearl jam /nirvana fan.) i agree with you all. i think they will be the last 2 standing.

jason castro...yes he has nice eyes, but he needs to go. he's almost too sweet and he just doesn't do it for me. although, i did like his rainbow connection rendition.

please, can we get rid of kristi. the girl kills me. she's so plain and normal (i know you're all saying, "look who's talking!") and although she has a pretty good voice, she just seems so amateur to me. i can't stand her, and i don't know why.

i think syesha has an amazing voice, and i agree with crystal, she chooses the difficult songs. of all of the girls left standing, i can't decide if she or carly is the most talented. to me, they are both amazing. although i do think carly's performance last night was somewhat "karaoke", to quote the judges.

brooke really disappointed me this week. i think we were able to see how she really compares to the others. she's got a great, distinct sound, but i just don't think she's as good an artist as the others. i hate to see a fellow mo go, but i just don't think she's as good. if she makes it through tonight's cut it will be because she's so cute.

ok...and of all of the judges paula abdul says the most random things. like what was it she said to david a. a few episodes ago..."i just want to take you and hang you from my rearview mirror." Or how about "every ounce of you is totally authentic to who you are." what does that mean? and who knows how many times paula has used the word authentic this season?

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

Half the reason I watch the show is for Paula's cooky, random comments! I think it is hilarious. She is just plain loopy sometimes!! I disagree about the "American Idol" type, Les. I think that David A. is much more the wholesome American Idol type. David Cook is a little more edgy, like Chris Daughtry was, for those of you who remember. Chris Daughtry has done WAY better on his own than he would of as the American Idol (in my opinion). I see David C going the same route.

Crystal said...

Well, this is the first time in well over a month I sat through an entire episode, in fact, I was really missing my TiVo through Mariah and Elliot and all those Victoria's Secret and Caress nudish commercials... oh well.

I am sad to see Kristy Lee, I loved her last week and this week too. I honestly think she is GORGEOUS. I loved her dress last night so much! I do think she will still be a star though. Much like my favorite from season 2, Diana DiGarmo (who lost to Fantasia), she will be fine. In fact, I think many "losers" are more famous than the winners- I have not heard from the grey haired guy at all (never liked him)...

I think Brooke is next to go. (aside) She is awfully chatty on stage too.

Valerie was sad Syesha did not go, she said her hair was "creeping her out." Silly girl. I think she has a beautiful face... They are all very attractive at this point (except David Cook) and excellent singers.

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

I'm a little sad about Kristi...she has gotten so much better the last few weeks. I'm sure she will do well in country music, she has a great country voice. I guess someone has to go every week...

notthecroshaws said...

yes, paula, someone has to go every week :)

abbynormal said...

I think David Cook counts among the "very attractive" people left. He's just more rugged. And I don't really think Jason is. Am I weird?

I think Brooke is next. My Mo loyalties want to hang on to her, but she hasn't impressed me since the first week of the Beatles.

My favorite Paula comment was when she told someone (Maybe David A?) that she wanted him to sing to her chihuahuas...or something?

Crystal said...

While I don't find him attractive in a rugged or any other sort of way, I do absolutely agree, David Cook is for certain the most-talented on the show. It is amazing that every week he arranges a new song and performs it so well. It is unbelieveable, really.

Doing the "karaoke" is much, much easier. I am not sure that he will win overall (too many teeny bopper love-sick girls for David A), but he will be just fine- like all of you said- in a vein similar to Chris Daughtrey (who, by the way is from Charlottesville and is a friend of my friends from the singles ward). I predict David A to win and Brooke, Jason, and Syesha to be the next three off.

I love Carly, but I don't think she is going to "win it all." I hope for her sake she does well though, she is such a sweetie.

Jason & Dana said...

Please send Jason packing next! My least favorite is now gone, so I hope it's him next. "YEE HAW!!" (In lieu of my new post :)

Leslie said...

Either Jason or Brooke is next. Totally agree. I think David Cook is my favorite...not that I'm really even into that style of music right now. I just think he's amazing. But I wouldn't be sad if cute, little David Archuleta won. I read this funny article about him. Here's the link: http://www.fresnobee.com/columnists/aguirre/story/526118.html

Leslie said...

oops...missing the last two letters of the link they are: ml (as in html)

Dana, when are you going to post your big news?? It's definitely blog-worthy.

Leslie said...

P.S. You should in no way consider my comments valid. I am an idol amateur. This is the first season I've ever watched. Where have I been?

abbynormal said...

No worries, Les, I've only watched 3 episodes and youtubed selections from a couple others.

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

That article about David A. is hilarious, Les!! I'm going to use that line now, "he's no David Archuleta". HAH!

Crystal said...

One thing I have been hearing a lot about David A is that a LOT of people think he is gay. That burns me up, he is just very, very sweet and sensitive. Every day, just about there are comments made on one of the morning programs I listen to. (Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, you will love it in texas, Dana- except for the David A trash talk). I love love love him!! Valerie is In LOOOOVEEE with him.