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Monday, April 21, 2008

Have you bought David Cook's Album yet?

This is a repost of FoxNews.com (of course)

I actually listened to the snippets on amazon and if I had the money, I would buy it and the version of "Hello" from one of the first weeks. I am not sure I would know right away it is David Cook- his voice sounds a little more gravely or Creed-ish than it does week after week on Idol. Anyway, it is excellent, I love:
"The Truth"
"Straight Ahead"

From Foxnews.com
How much of a ringer is American Idol contestant David Cook? His self-released album, David Cook, is on the charts and the current season isn’t even over.

Cook’s 2006 CD, “Analog Heart,” has been the number 1 downloaded album all weekend on Amazon’s MP3 service. It even beat Mariah Carey’s E=Mc2.

Back when Cook auditioned in Omaha for American Idol he was identified as a bartender who happened to be a friend of Chris Daughtry, a now wildly successful post-Idol graduate.

It sure didn’t seem like Cook had a big career already — albeit regionally. He’d already appeared on a couple albums with a local group, and there was some vague mention of a solo album that he’d made himself.

But if Analog Heart is now being offered officially to proper downloading services — and not on just mysterious indie platforms — then Cook has to be behind it. That’s a first: an album out from an Idol contestant before the contest has concluded. What if he doesn’t win?

More importantly, what happened to American Idol simply being a competition for totally unknown or undiscovered artists? What fueled the fantasy for the audience was the concept that anyone — the waitress down the street who had a nice voice—could suddenly become a superstar. It was one thing when Carly Smithson (nee Hennessey) was revealed to have already released an album five years ago. But for Cook to have one out now, I think, disqualifies him as a true competitor.

And P.S.: Isn’t this some strange way to get around the American Idol contract for management and a recording contract? In the past, Idol contestants had to agree to be managed by 19 Entertainment and give BMG first right of refusal for their albums. But a digitally available album made before the show and released before the winner is known? Hmmm…Seems like that bartender from Omaha was smarter even than wily Simon Cowell.


Jason & Dana said...

Wow! Seriously?? That's 4 (that we know about) out of the top 12 that had recording contracts of some kind before AI. What's up with that?

Jason & Dana said...

Oh yeah, and Crystal...thank you so much for the outfits and blanket!!! They are so cute, and you're right...they'll be perfect for the hot Texas weather. It was so thoughtful, thanks!

Leslie said...

personally, i don't care if they had any kind of record deals before AI. no one knew who they were, and to me the point of AI is to present talented, no-names to the american public and to make them big. maybe i'm missing the point?? if so, someone fill me in. as i said, i'm new to this.

Crystal said...

I don't really care, necessarily, I just had no idea he had a CD out. I think it is... frustrating? Because Idol was intended originally for completely undiscovered young talent.

Leslie said...

Sorry...I guess what I meant was that CDs are so easy to produce these days. And there's lots of music being produced, but it doesn't mean that anyone really knows who the artists are or that the general public has heard the music. I guess David Cook was that to me...an unknown artist trying to make it (whether or not he had a CD). Make sense?

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

I agree Les, just because he has a CD doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean that he necessarily had a "recording contract" with anyone. You can easily produce music on your own. I want to get it!! I love David Cook!

abbynormal said...

I think we can fairly count him among the "undiscovered" talent. Having gone to my share of small concerts, I can't imagine his album ever made it past the small crowd who saw him do an opening show for someone bigger than him, and his friends and family. If he'd gone through some record label, I'd be less impressed, but it sounds like he was on his own. He probably made it himself in some little studio, then tried to sell cheap, homemade copies at local concerts. It's only natural that someone with his songwriting skills has already written some songs. This was his way of getting the word out and being discovered...it just so happens that he got it done before he could win!

Crystal said...

So my point was to say- hey he has an album and post the story where I found that out, not to start trouble :-D

abbynormal said...

Oh, you know how we love a good AI discussion here. This was just some fodder for everyone until we can talk about the next show!

Crystal said...


I am glad you liked the outfits. I got them this summer- actually, I bought both boys' and girls from that line since you and my brother's wife (and I, actually) were all expecting at the same time, it worked out well because Lilia is a girl and Gavin was a boy. He did not get to wear his summer clothes though, the ones from that line are still here... So sad... anyway, I love, love, love nautical themes on little ones. Being in Texas (super hot and super patriotic) will be a good place to sport those things ;-)

Leslie said...

No trouble started. ;) I'd just seen the same type of article a couple of different times and having not been an AI expert, didn't know if there was some reason people were so unhappy about the CD. Can't wait for tomorrow night to see them all perform again live!!

Jason & Dana said...

I just got on Amazon to try to listen to some of the songs and I can't find them anywhere!

Crystal said...

Crazy! I guess American Idol did not like that being up there either... they agree with lots of the public that someone on the show competing should not be making millions on a CD...

I promise it was up yesterday, AND it was really good. I can not get "makeover" and "silver" out of my mind. Especially "silver" so haunting and emotional...

Well, I am sure it will be on eBay soon if it is not already.

Crystal said...

All I could find was a "not functioning on our site" from Amazon and this when I googled the album title... from a music blog

Amazon.com just removed David Cook’s 2006 album “Analog Heart” from its inventory.
And so I post about it being #1 yesterday, and then it gets pulled. And to think I was one of the last ones to know. Are TPTB reading Rickey.org? It’s not my fault! (LOL)

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

I wish I would've known!! I would have bought it!

abbynormal said...

Lookie what I found:


for all your listening enjoyment. You gotta love Google. Two minutes was all it took to find the forbidden album.

Crystal said...

Thank you, thank you. I just listened again (this time to full songs! YAY!).

I have the feeling showtunes night tomight really ain't gonna do much for me. I have never really liked musicals (well, I liked the Phantom movie). At all... though Avenue Q songs (If You Were Gay) is pretty funny.