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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HammerIce Part 2

Just read this in the paper today:
MC Hammer Show Postponed
IDAHO FALLS -- The MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice concert originally scheduled for this Saturday has been moved to Saturday, Nov. 14. This is due, in part, to last minute scheduling issues with MC Hammer's new A&E show.

Those holding tickets to this Saturday's show will be granted access to the new show in November. Tickets will not be refunded.

There was also this little blog interaction:
Rulon wrote on Jun 4, 2009 11:21 PM:

" Is it true that MC Hammer was going to open for the next Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert? "Can't touch this..or that..or that over there....." "

Funny wrote on Jun 10, 2009 9:25 AM:

" Great joke! "

How Long wrote on Jun 10, 2009 10:15 AM:

" Rulon - I'm just curious how long you've been waiting to make that joke. Or, I think a better questions is who told you that joke in 1992? "

I am So SO glad none of you made the trip home to go to this concert.



Colin -N- Lori said...


Jason and Dana said...

Ohhhhh, good thing I didn't buy a ticket home for that. And I was THIS close!
MC and MoTab, that's funny.

beckyV said...

That is a total bummer! I feel so bad for all the citizens of southeast Idaho!!

David and Debby said...

i forgot to mention, this was the subject of the editorial in the idaho state journal today.

beckyV said...

of course it was...

Crystal said...

dear God, thank you for another topic. I had to delete a comment at 5:30 in the morning about being nice that was kinda not nice.

David Chipman said...

Suddenly my november got more free. I don't know if I can miss this.


PS. 5:30 is so early! I may have to resort to my old rule about waking up on the left side of the clock. (i.e. never wake up while the hour hand is on the right - this from a kid that had a morning paper route for far too long to count!)

Jason and Dana said...

I like that left side of the clock rule. I wish i could live by it, but my clock is digital, so it wouldn't work. Maybe I can use my wrist watch? Or does that not count because it doesn't have glow in the dark hands.
But I did just learn a cool way to tell which way is north using an wrist watch, from none other than Bear Grylls. And if you don't know who that is, then you are not cool.
I can't believe I'm not talking about MC Hammer on this comment.
Don't forget that you got to pray just to make it today.

abbynormal said...

Well, if David's going to Idaho for this, then I most definitely will not be missing it!!!

Please tell us about the editorial section of the ISJ, mom. I'm dying to hear what the residents of Pocatello have to say about the Hammer and Vanilla.

Which reminds me - I have a roommate here born in 1981 and we've gotten into a debate about whether he can claim to actually be a "child of the 80's" in the sense that he actually experienced what was hip back in the 80's. His biggest defense is that he knows and loves MC Hammer. Thoughts?

Crystal said...

I am a child of the 80s and it was definitely Michael Jackson first. Does he love Michael Jackson's Beat It? or Thriller? Ice/Hammer was for sure, 1990. I am certain. I had just moved to Virginia and was like... whooooaaaa.... because it was so different and everyone started wearing diaper pants.

Crystal said...

PS- When you have babies, you will see the left side of the clock more often and sometimes, you will be up from 2 am on for the rest of the day and to keep from going crazy, you may blog because everyone else is asleep and you want to encourage a little person to go to sleep as well so you won't talk to him. It is fantastic.

David Chipman said...

I think the 80's claim is somewhat questionable, just like I'm not sure I can really claim to be a child of the 70's. No, I do not remember Vietnam, the energy crisis, bell bottoms, and my love of disco was not born of my childhood. (I just gotta get the funk on sometimes.) I think MC Hammer should be rounded to the 90's, or at least it falls into a category that I would not say is anything remotely near Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, or Erasure. Did he ever wear jelly bracelets, camouflage, parachute pants, or even know about the significance of wearing a white glove on one hand. Did he hear Thriller as a child? (I think everyone should have that pleasure, but only a few of us heard it on the radio. To that point, did he listen to tapes, CDs, or records? I think he may find that he resonates more with the 90's than the 80's. So I guess I'm a little torn, as technically Brother Hammer did get started in the LATE 80's. Hmmm... just a few musings. Though I'd call myself a byproduct of the 70's, as far as conceptions go, I wouldn't call myself a child of the 70s.

David Chipman said...

hahha... it took me so long to write that, that Crystal got 2 posts in. Man I type slow. I agree with her Michael Jackson call.

I'm also deeply saddened and shocked to hear that my left hand rule might not apply to later stages in life. bummer. I guess some rules just have to be rewritten.

David and Debby said...

david, we definitely have to give you credit for the seventys. disco skating anyone?

David Chipman said...

OK. Fair enough. That one did leave a mark. (But it occurred in the 90s)

Colin -N- Lori said...

Those plane tickets wer non-refundable too.
My rule is to wake up on the upper half of the clock.

Crystal said...

My greatest desire is to wake up after the 3rd quadrant. Maybe in 5 years?

David and Debby said...

I'm experiencing a pain in the upper-right quadrant - of my brain. 70's, 80's, 90's, 100's - who cares? Give me CCR any time.
Dad (60's)

Jason and Dana said...

So they just added The biography HD channel to our HDTV package, so I can now watch it, since I am an HD snob. And last night they had the biography of Vanilla Ice. Man, I forget how rediculous that hair was. But it was an awesome show. I guess I am not a true ice fan, because I didn't know he has made like four records since ice, ice baby.

Jason and Dana said...

If anyone is wondering, Bear Grylls is the guy that does Man Vs. Wild. I wouldn't know who he was if he didn't just have Will Ferrell as a guest on his show.

Colin -N- Lori said...

J - Survivorman is much better, and it's actually real. You know Man vs Wild is staged. Plus you have to put up with the British accent the whole time.

Jason and Dana said...

Ya, like the moon landing was staged! Besides, TV is for entertainment, not reality. I'll take Bear over surviordork any day.