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Friday, January 22, 2010

Health Care

This is an interesting interview with Tom Coburn, senator of Oklahoma and also a physician. It gives a unique point of view that you probably won't hear anywhere else.



abbynormal said...

Ah, sweet, sweet, rational logic. How I've missed you in the midst of all this health care bill talk.

rebeccaV said...

I love Tom Coburn, one of the few things I loved about Oklahoma!

David and Debby said...

first of all, it isn't a health care reform bill. IT IS A TAX BILL. good article. i am praying the current bill gets scrapped. don't know that that will happen.

Crystal said...

While I do not like the health care bill, there are some serious problems with health care in the US. Malpractice insurance is one (I thought he addressed that very well in his answer), prescription cost is another (but I dont know the answer, the FDA demands 10+ years on new drug research. It is expensive to develop a drug, but clearly, drug companies over-charg. Also, what about denying some people health care coverage if they have sickness (and clearly NEED health care), as well as the unaffordability of heath insurance for many, many hard-working US citizens. Really, that IS an issue. How should that be dealt with? Take the situation Matt and I are in right now... what should we do? God forbid something serious would happen to either of us right now, we have no insurance... and Matt is supposed to be on 2 prescription psychoactive drugs daily...
I agree with the sentiment of Gerald Ford, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have."

However. This system is ABSOLUTELY in need of repair.

David and Debby said...

one of the many problems with the current health care bill (aka tax bill) is that it leaves 12 million people uninsured. isn't that the whole purpose originally, to insure everyone?

Crystal said...

I tell you, it is so confusing and contradictive. That frustrates me!! People like being able to choose! To make a CHOICE and get what suits them best and that forces companies to be more competitive, which is good. There does need to be an affordable alternative to people who work and do not get health insurance benefits, however.

Colin said...

The problem is Obama is trying to fix every problem in one swoop. This is something that took decades to get bad and he wants to fix it overnight.
Fixing malpractice has to be on of the main focuses or the whole thing will fail. Fix malpractice and medicine can go back to the way it should be instead of defensive medicine like we have today.
There also has to be more incentive for people to go into primary care.
It has become clear that people can see through the healthcare tax bill. There might be trouble for senators who strongly backed the bill come election time.