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This is the blog of our eternal family unit. Initiated years ago, it served well as a journal, but even more so, as an archive of our personal interaction. It was a gathering place, a confabulation instrument, a unifying force for four generations of widely dispersed and progressively prolific posterity, and their valued associates. Though it served these purposes well for many years, it eventually took a back seat to new-kids-on-the-block, Facebook, and Instagram, and was sadly forgotten.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Biggest Loser a la Croshaw

Abby and I have been emailing back and forth trying to devise a new plan to get the whole family healthy. I personally have about 10 post-marriage lbs. I'd like to get rid of. Y'all remember the guys weight-loss bet that lasted for about a total of about 3 weeks before they all gave up, even with Abby, the Weigh-in-Nazi, hounding them for their stats.

We thought if we could do something like guys against girls we might inspire a little more competition. The guys have more to lose, but they gave up after 3 weeks last time. I'm just sayin'...

Another idea is to reward the biggest worker-outer (person with the most minutes on a treadmill, sidewalk, bicycle, weight machine, etc.).

Another idea and something that inspired us recently was something we read in the New York Times. (Leave it to them to state the obvious.) If you put money where your mouth is, you're more likely to stick with it. We're not saying $ has to be involved, but we are saying that if we did it, Abby or I would probably win. ;) (In reality, I'd love for Alex to win. Haha, just kidding honey...kind of.)

I forget sometimes that I have a public health degree, but I'd be more than happy to actually use it to inform and inspire us all on a weekly basis (via the blog). In fact, below is my first installation.

We're very open to your ideas, and want to get something going soon. So, comment away!

10 Super Foods (They have more nutrients per calorie than most other foods)

1. Berries- high in antioxidants. These little ones lower your risks of cancer, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, Parkinson's, Alzheimers and arthritis.

2. Broccoli- helps prevent cancer, heart disease and much, much more

3. Citrus Fruit- Vitamin C, Vitamin C, Vitamin C and if any of you suffer from digestive issues (you know what I'm talking about) eat an orange and with the fiber in that lovely orange fruit those issues will disappear.

4. Garlic- It's been called medicine in a clove. This little food wonder has preventive qualities, but can also be used to lower cholesterol, bloood pressure and reduce likelihood of blood clotting.

5. Nuts- protein, protein, protein and no cholesterol. In fact, they can help lower your cholesterol. Have any of you read section 89 of the Doctrine & Covents recently. We seriously all eat too much meat. Those of you with a real winter, have an excuse. The rest of us don't. Nuts can help us meet our protein needs without the saturated fat & cholesterol found in meat. However, beware. They are nutrient dense and have lots of calories, so pace yourselves!

6. Oats- packed with fiber, manganese, selenium and magnesium they help lower cholesterol and stabilize gluose levels. Diabetics (and the rest of us) should eat up!

7. Salmon- is rich in Omega-3s, which are essential for normal growth in young children. In adults they reduce the risk of heart disease by stimulating blood circulation. There is also evidence they help those suffering with depression or anxiety, and for all of you men they've been shown to slow prostate tumor growth. However, beware, because of the mercury levels found in fish these days, they say you shouldn't eat it more than once a week, especially pregnant women.

8. Spinach- Loaded with Vitamin C, fiber, calcium and much more, it is the best food you can eat to prevent macular degeneration (poor eyesight leading to blindness).

9. Tomatoes- These luscious red gems are near and dear to my heart. It's theorized that the first tomatoes were domesticated by the Aztecs in Mexico. They called them ‘xitomatl’ (pronounced zee-toe-má-tel). Loaded with vitamins C & A, they are powerful fighters against cancer and heart disease. You should eat tomatoes both cooked and raw. Lycopene, which protects against prostate cancer, is found in its most potent form in cooked tomatoes.

10. Avocado- Also a favorite, and also an Aztec food. Although the Aztecs originally ate it as an afrodisiac, it's actually a heart-friendly food that lowers cholesterol. Avocados are a fruit. They have more potassium than a banana and the highest fiber content of any fruit. They are also loaded with vitamins B, E and K.


Crystal said...

I think it is a good idea, but please remember Matt and I have exactly zero minutes available for exercise unless we do it on Sundays. Which is a thought, honestly.

I never actually gained weight from pregnancy since I was so sick but I gained a LOT from 4 miscarriages with all the fun of estrogen and hormones and bad eating habits.

I have lost a lot of that by totally cutting dairy and nursing and we typically eat fairly healthy, but we are all about trying to be healthy. Just as long as there are no "tell me your weight" rules. I am ASHAMED of mine. Truly, really ashamed. I could be like -1 or +2, but I will not be giving numbers out O-o

Crystal said...

Also, not interested in looking like the biggest loser ;-) she is part-boy looking

Colin -N- Lori said...

For the men out there (that includes you Ray), especially the ones who are broke like me who want to work out at home. Go to
for some pretty easily accomplishable 3 day a week workouts. They also have a diet plan for every meal. This is designed for an 8 week program. I actually started to do this in prep for my 10 year anniversary trip in >1 year. Honestly, after I did the first day workout I was sore for a solid week. So it is taking me like 3 weeks to do the first 3 days of workouts because I'm so out of shape and need that long to recover. I think we can all find 30 minutes out of 3 days a week to exercise. Now I just have to swear off candy.

beckyV said...

Great idea!! I am almost at the 6 week post-natal mark and I am ready to take off the weight that I never lost after I had Maggie. I seriously have not felt comfortable in my body since that time, fortunately this is not as important to me as it used to be, but I still would like to be more comfortable with myself (if that makes any sense, I'm tired!) Ray and I are actually starting the South Beach diet tomorrow, we just went shopping tonight. We also want to lose the weight for our 10 year anniversary trip in 8 months, Colin!

I think I am still going to have to go to the gym at 5 am like I did when I was pregnant. I have been pumping once a day so I can have a milk supply built up if Ray needs to feed Naomi when she wakes up. But this is all much easier said than done!! Waking up early and going to the gym is HARD when you have been up in the middle of the night with the baby. But we shall see!

I agree with Crystal, I don't want to broadcast my weight, but I am totally up for a weekly weigh in to see how much we have lost. I like that idea because it would keep me motivated, knowing I have to report every week!!

David and Debby said...

Since my marathon days (30's), I think the healthiest I've been, and the best I've felt, was the period when Abby was home for a time between school, work, etc., and she got me going to the gym with her every day. Before that, I was a slug with hypertension and GI issues, headed for Diabetes. She got me into the weight lifting habit, and I added aerobics (eliptical) to that. Then Mom started going with me, and also got me started on South Beach at the same time. I lost about 40-45 pounds and felt great. I never believed this before, but weight lifting was definitely a big factor. When your muscles are stronger, everything is easier, and they say that weight-lifting takes the inches off your middle. alltogether, it worked so well that I decided it was my new lifestyle - forever. But then summer yard work got in the way, and then the holidays were not been good to me (it's their fault of course), and I'm a slug again. I want to get back to that "lifestyle". Help me to stay motivated. Carry on with this emphasis.

David and Debby said...

i'm in. thanks for the tips les. it is great to have a reminder of what is good for me to eat. i have also gained in the last year, and would like to lose. i know dana has gotten a good start--way to go dana! thanks, everyone for the ideas. my big challenge is white things--cookies, desserts, bread. valentines day saw lots of calories around here. i got this book leslie had by jillian michaels. she shows you what weight lifting exercises you need for your body. i think that is what i need. ok, les, how do you want this to go? mom

Leslie said...

Ok, first of all, do you want to do guys against girls? Or should we just have it be an individual thing?

Second, should we have some sort of weight-loss equivalent for those skinny minnies like Abby (and maybe Matt) who don't want or need to lose weight, such as working out 5 times in 1 week is equal to losing 1 lb, or making good food choices 6 out of 7 days is equal to 1 lb? What do you think?

Lastly, I'm totally sensitive to not disclosing weight. I don't want to either. I think a + or - system will work just fine. What day do you want to do the weigh ins? I personally like Monday mornings, fresh start...new week. But let me know what you think is best.

I'll send everyone the details over email.

This is going to be fun!

Crystal said...

I know for sure South Beach is THE WAY to go. I was a size 6 until right before I married Matt because of South Beach. IT is very hard getting through the fist two weeks though. My rule was no white sugar, white flour or high fructose corn syrup and I drank about 3 L of water a day... plus I was working out at least an hour a day. Right now, we really have no time for that (honestly and truly Matt and I are together about 30 minutes a day and we eat dinner then. Until then, one or the other has Asher and the other is working). So, I am greatly looking forward to warmer weather when I can at least walk with Asher and not have to stress about his lungs.

I wish I liked superfoods. The only think I like are tomates, garlic and spinach (mmmm, especially together). Nutrition is fun though! Just stick to the Word of Wisdom. Strangely the new food pyramid looks like it came straight from that section of the D&C.

Colin -N- Lori said...

Nursing moms beware: When Colin and I did South Beach, about 6 months after I had Mia, the two weeks you are on the "strict phase" was way too much with nursing. I had to add in complex carbs. I was very sluggish and cranky. Dr. Colin Croshaw said if you are nursing you should NOT do the strict phase completely.

Crystal said...

I would not even attempt at this point, my Dr said NO CALORIC RESTRICTIONS or cutting carbs because I dont eat meat... or fruit... if I cut carbs I would... well. Be a size 6 but mostly starving (hence the 3 L). But I would be skinny ;-)

Crystal said...

PS- I felt terrible terrible for the first two weeks too and I was not nursing or even close to it. I tried it right before the wedding 2 Mays ago and lasted 10 days but was wanting to poke my eyes out with spaghetti and sooooo exhausted that I went onto phase 2. Which was helpful too. Also, my friend that did it (the Atkins part) passed out and fractured her skull when the diet first came out. BUT, the maintenance part (if you make it there) is really, really good! I was living proof!

abbynormal said...

Wow, this is so awesome! I'm loving the enthusiasm here! I too have a few pounds to lose and some extra muscle to get back since school started. But I like the points for exercise/good eating option, a lot! I need more motivation if I'm going to fill my time between classes with working out.

I think this has to be a competition of some sort - it's got to hurt a little to lose, so everyone will be more motivated. When Les and I were discussing over Christmas and we suggested that the girls get the reward if the guys fall short, both Dad and Alex said, "NO!!!" Hello, motivation?

Les, I'm surprised Edamame isn't on there as a superfood. Those things are so packed with protein, they fill me up in a hurry! But I'm no public health guru...

abbynormal said...

Oh, and I wanted to echo what Dad said about the weight lifting factor. It makes a huge difference in everything else you do. You all know how much I run. If I didn't cross-train with weight lifting, my knees could never handle it because I'd have no muscle to support my joints (which are bad. I've messed up both of my knees at some point over various activities. So no excuses about bad knees).

Jason and Dana said...

I've been working out 4-6 days a week every single week since September or October and I only lost 10 pounds up until about a month ago and have lost about 5 in that month. I still have a long ways to go. I need to have more time to dedicate to making sure I eat healthy things, but I'll keep working out.

Colin -N- Lori said...

Eating healthy is so hard as a busy mom!! I just shouldn't buy that 72 ounce bag of chocolate chips from Costco. I know, I have a HUGE HUGE weakness for chocolate chips and the super cookies they make. Through a friend I discovered ZONE bars. They are a great pick-me-up when I am out and have about 15 grams of protein. They have a carmel chocolate flavor that is great. I reminds me of a candy bar, way better than Cliff bars texture-wise!