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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prop 8

Has anyone else heard about this yet?



notthecroshaws said...

the war started in heaven, continues.

beckyV said...

I wonder why they are only targeting the mormon church, it's not like there weren't a lot of other churches involved. Ray said that he heard on talk radio that bloggers and left wing talk show hosts were urging people in San Francisco to burn down mormon churches...scary. The ironic thing is, 70% of black people who voted in this election voted yes on prop 8. All those black people who Barack Obama motivated to vote are responsible for prop 8 passing-it would not have passed without them. But, the mormons are an easy target...they won't fight back.

Colin -N- Lori said...

I just watched a debate on Anderson Cooper about Prop 8. The guy arguing for it said about 5 times that this is the 2nd time this has been brought to a vote and turned out this way. The lady arguing against it just kept saying it's unfair and the courts will overturn it.
The fact is it was done exactly how it should have been done and the majority won the vote. The minority is just much louder. So to prove that they are poor losers they are going to protest around temple square. There's a novel idea, that's worked so well in the past when they have done it 2 times every single year for the past 20 years.

abbynormal said...

There was a protest at the DC temple, too. It's actually very simple, guys. We are the last acceptable prejudice. Nobody else is getting targeted because in America, it's just not acceptable anymore. If they went after ANY other group/religion/race, they'd get labeled as bigots, just like they're trying to label us. Isn't that ironic?

Colin -N- Lori said...

I have actually spent a lot of time today on the church's website and online looking at news regarding Prop 8. The church has a big page dedicated to it. If you go to Newsroom from the main page you can find it. I just got done reading a long interview that Elder Oaks and Wickman did. It answered a question of how I want to explain it to those not of our faith, especially the argument that "it won't affect my marriage" which I heard the other day.
There is some very good information and I would suggest you all check it out.

beckyV said...

I spent a while on there the other day, it is really good information. It really could affect our ability to practice our religion freely.

notthecroshaws said...

Let them protest. It makes no difference. What's right in the eyes of God is right - end of argument. Neither they nor we could change that, even if we wanted to. The difference is that we know better than to try. So, let them protest. Eventually, the media will get tired of reporting it, and the protestors will go home. The principled majority of the world will remember who was shrill and who maintained their dignity and stood their ground. The other churches will appreciate not only that the Mormons led the way in passing the proposition they all wanted, but that we also took the heat so that they wouldn't have to. They will remember who they can count on - who it is that really stands by their principles. Ultimately I believe this period will prove positive for our missionary effort.

If you haven't listened to the program Mom sent you (BYU devotional speech by Robert George, Catholic Princeton law professor) you should do so. It sets everything straight, and will give you all the rationale you need to address questions and counter ridicule. Here's the link again:

Presently, only audio download is availabele. It is about 55 minutes, so download it to your Ipod and listen on your commutes. Well worth the time.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

Isn't Prop 8 about allowing gay marriage? If so then what do black people have to do with this issue? As a person who for two years lived in a city who residents are predominantly black people I don't think it's fair to refer to them as all those black people. Consider how it would make us feel if a black person said something like all those white people. For example I remember being slightly bothered when Barak Obama said his white grandmother was a typical white person who was sort of racist against black people.