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This is the blog of our eternal family unit. Initiated years ago, it served well as a journal, but even more so, as an archive of our personal interaction. It was a gathering place, a confabulation instrument, a unifying force for four generations of widely dispersed and progressively prolific posterity, and their valued associates. Though it served these purposes well for many years, it eventually took a back seat to new-kids-on-the-block, Facebook, and Instagram, and was sadly forgotten.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

American Idol

Hi everyone. it seems like there are a number of us who have been watching american idol. i think we should have weekly comments on the show. who is your favorite, who do you think will be kicked off, do you agree with simon, what do you think of paula? haven't seen it yet tonight, but it is on my list. happy viewing. debby/mom/grandma


Crystal said...

I DVR it so I can fast-forward through the commercials and admittedly, many performances, and... the comments. I think Paula is always so unrealistic and I like Randy in general, but I always listen to simon.

My favorite is Carlie with Asa'h second for the girls and David Archuleta for the boys and overall, hands down. I want to hug him every time I see him.

I have not watched last night's yet, but I will with Valerie when she is home from school.

Jason & Dana said...

David Archuleta!!! Me too Crystal. I think he has sooooo many fans. He's just so sweet! I also really like Michael Johns for the boys. There aren't any girls I love, I like the first 3 from alst week (Carlie, Syesha-sp?, and Brooke) but I'm not a huge fan of any of them.
And about last night's episode....wow. Danny what's-his-face! (Tainted Love) AHHHHH!!!!! I was laughing through the entire performance! It was just so unreal!! The dance moves and singing and all of it! I TOTAllY agreed with Simon on that one! I loved David A's performance the most I think, even though the judges didn't.

Crystal said...

Ok, so I watched it- I will watch it again with Valerie later- there is nothing else to do and I am sick, so... I watched.

I HATED Danny's performance, though I am jeolous of the purple hair streaks (I am cool like that, I almost got them 2 years ago but then would have to allow Valerie to, so... no purple hair for me).

I LOVE David Archuleta. He is such a sweetie and I LOVED his song choice, he is a sensitive soul, that is why he chooses sensititive songs. I remember the first time I heard that song by Phil Collins, it made me cry, David did an awesome job with it.

I actually LOVED all the guys except Danny and Chikezie. It was an awesome night!

I think David Hernandez looks a lot like Jason Delgadillo... eh?

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the "Hello" version David Cook did! I would buy that in a second.

Jason Castro sang one of my all-time favorites also, I was so impressed tonight. Like the judges, I am partial to the Jeff Buckley version, but I have it by many artists.

As for the girls. They have a lot to proove tonight. I am not really a fan of anyone but Carlie (she is AWESOME!) and Asa'h (she is from my mom's town).

Brooke (and David A) are mormons, but Brooke is really not my style, though she is a good singer.

I wish Paula gave relevant comments.

Jason & Dana said...

I forgot to say, I think Luke will be kicked off tomorrow. I'm not sure who else, I'm hoping for Danny...but I think he brings too much drama to the show to be kicked off yet. I think it's a toss up between David Hernandez and Danny and Chikeze.

abbynormal said...

You guys got me so curious about Danny that I looked it up on youtube. Yeah, um...at least he's got the hip action down? Wait, no. He doesn't. But you're right, they'll keep him on for the drama, just like what's-his-name from last season. (Never saw - only heard the talk. Mission accomplished.)

Looked up David and Brooke too. Of course both of the Mormons can play their own instruments! Nice voices, too. Way to represent the Mo's! I love how David was explaining his choice of song by talking about how it represented "those who have nothing." I think he's a cut above this show. Let's hope fame doesn't destroy that purity.

Leslie said...

David Archuleta all the way. He's gonna win-- fo sho!

Leslie said...

Oh...and Dana, I also think Luke's going to be the next guy kicked off.

notthecroshaws said...

I used to think David H was good, but after reading the news... character counts for me. David Archuleta is so great. i am glad the moon river guy is not on any more. do you guys like the dread lock guy? he kind of reminds me of john travolta. danny has soooo much personality. makes me laugh. who is luke again? i think for the girls that kady and the girl who stands funny when she sings will be gone. the rocker girl is growing on me. i liked her tonight. maybe the girl who they keep telling to be more confident might be gone. paula is so over the top. what is she saying half the time? i think simon is right almost all the time. do you think he is softening? let me know how you like the ladies. i thought the song brooke did really showcased her voice tonight. the boys are way better, as a group.

Jason & Dana said...

So girls, I think Kady and Kristy or whatever her name is (the other blonde curly haired girl) will be the two kicked off.
Again, my 3 favorites were Carly, Syesha, and Brooke. They did great tonight. The rocker chick was okay too, but I just don't like her voice. Jason told me she's the new "Vote for the Worst" for the girls.

Crystal said...

So... we watched the boys and girls in rapid succession last night. I forgot all about Luke and the girly jitterbug. Yuck. I think he will be voted off along with Chikezie.

As for the girls, I think they all did well- they keep complaining about Kady (who I actually think is really, really good) and Kristy Lee- again I think she is good too.

As for Amanda being on vote for the worst- that is insane, last week was not good for Amanda, but she is way, way, way talented! I think she could bring the house down with a Melissa Etheridge song!

My favorite overall is still David Archuleta and Carly.

Crystal said...

Also- I love, love, love Jason Castro. He has amazing talent! Hallelujah is one of my very, very favorite songs and I am impressed someone so young would know that song! As for David H's indigressions... disappointing for sure, he is a great singer. Ramiele also has some of the same things going on apparently... these young people, I tell ya. They are just not taught morals anymore.

Did you guys like Brooke's take on "Love is a Battlefield"? I really did not- she seems so one-dimensional as a singer. She is good, but not amazing like Kelly Clarkson or Carly- she is a ballad-with-guitar singer.

this show has been good for Valerie and I. We never watch TV together, but now we get to a couple nights a week. It is fun.

Also- be very aware of the gameshow on afterward, sooooo inappropriate! (and this is WHY we dont watch TV)

Leslie said...

Sadly...our AI is delayed here in Monterrey, but it'll be on tonight! :) Can't wait to read about everything you've written about.

Crystal said...

check my last blog entry for the REAL american idol ;-) I promised not to post the movie on here

Oklahoma VanderLouw said...

I love Paula, she always gives us a good laugh!! She is so wacky! I agree, it is so fun to watch the show all together as a family. Grace is totally getting into it and Elliot dances when the songs come on.

I can't believe Asha (sp?) got voted off!! I was pretty sure Kady would go, but I think they got it totally wrong with Asha!! I loved her!

I really think that David Archuleta will win. He is so cute! I also loved how he didn't sing the first verse of "Imagine" last week-Good for you David!! I also really like Brooke, I think she has a really good voice. But the boys are definitely better this year!

I love AI!!!

Jason & Dana said...

Becky! I've been wondering when we'd hear from you. Can't wait for the guys/girls to perform together so it will be easier to compare them all.